Wednesday, September 12, 2012

About us

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Estate Sales by Victoria, along with my valuable crew, has built an esteemed reputation over the past almost twenty-five years enabling thousands of homeowner's and heirs to effortlessly scale down their household items, which in turn allows one to move straightforwardly into a retirement home, apartment, and or with family.

{Accredited appraiser with the Certified Appraiser's Guild Association for personal property appraisals.  i.e. Furniture, antiques, figurines, Art, cars etc.}

Over the years we've been referred by probate lawyers, estate planning lawyers, real estate agents, and a host of private families.

We are pleased to state our focus is on the client & their needs!

There's no hype about other facets because Estate Sales by Victoria is `the connoisseur' of estate sales.   

Then there are those that have passed on leaving the family a house full of items and memories to sift through. With our many years of knowledge, research and experience of what to keep and what to sell, we've eased the tedious task of ‘What to do’.     

Victoria brings to the family and or business the most up to date services currently available.
  • Estates come in a variety of sizes and shapes…yes, that’s true. 
  • Some homes are 3-story with massive amounts of items to price and sell. 
  • Others are simply a one-bedroom with a minimal amount of items.

Each is handled in the same effective manner of selling items. Although setup times will vary, the same procedure is utilized for all estates.

We handle any estate that we feel has a potential for profit. If an estate consists of garage sale items only, we will decline the offer of a sale.      
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  1. Thank you very much Mr. Cole.
    We always do our best!
    Remember....Estate Sales by referrals fee's with each completed sale.
    Take care,

  2. Being involved with estate sales requires a lot of experience with valuing and marketing fine art, antiques, collectibles, books, jewelry, vehicles, furnishings and higher quality household goods.

  3. You're quite right Adelaine. Hours of research is always required for each and every estate we handle. Formerly owning an Auction company and handling 90 to 100 auctions per year (for 10-years) filled the coffers quite quickly with endless research knowledge, I'm pleased to add. Thus the layering of knowledge continues.

    I love this job! There's no end to the masses of items one comes across via each estate sale and the research that ensues.

    Plus, various appraisals along the way as well have, of course, added to this knowledge. Hands on has always enabled the process.

    Thanks for posting and have a wonderful day.

  4. I really appreciate the information you gave about the real estate agents in Victoria, BC .

  5. Hello Katy:

    I wasn't aware that I stated any information about agents in Victoria, BC. However, I'm sure they rate right up there with all the rest! Have a great day!