Pricing information


The family/organization has no financial investment.

The family/organization may stay for the sale or may wish not to be present.  Many times it's best if the family not be there IF there is too much sentimental attachment.

Either way we are pleased to service the sale.
Commission Schedule:

      A flat fee of $1000 up to $3300, which is 30% ~ Otherwise the agreed upon commission amounts listed below.
       Commission percentages range from 25 to 30% based on items to be sold.

~ Amounts in addition to $5000 up to $10,000 commission is 25%, unless otherwise noted
~ Amounts in addition to $10,000 and above amounts, commission is 20%, unless otherwise noted

   Advertisement is paid for up front via the Estate Sales Company, since we have accounts with and the Post Dispatch.  Then the Estate Sales Company is reimbursed out of the sale proceeds as well as the commission.

There are generally no packing fees or other personnel fees unless otherwise stated on the contract.  Circumstances of each estate will determine if such is needed. 

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