Kind words from commissioned estate sales

Over the years I've had many verbal compliments and kind words from so many and recently these are wonderful `card' compliments of the work I and my very valuable workmates have done.

Florissant sale 8-29 & 30, 2015
Email Sept 3, 2015
We received the package yesterday with the checks and the listings of sales.  We appreciate all
the effort you put into the estate sale.
What a process!! Thanks, again, for all you did!  Was great meeting and visiting with you. 
Take care, wishing you all the best!
Creve Coeur sale 8-23 & 24, 2015
When I called to verify he received his list of items sold and check, Mr. Steinberg said
"Yes, Victoria I got it.  I must say you're a very honorable woman.  A very honorable woman."
Thank you kind sir!
Creve Coeur estate sale.
South County estate sale.

References upon request!
Text message February 1, 2014 from S. Mallow....
Got the check.
Thank you again for a great job getting rid of my crap!
All the best!   
Second estate sale in Kirkwood for Ms. Mallow.

EMAIL FROM......P. Been

Feb 10 (3 days ago)

  Bridgeton estate sale
Hi Victoria,
After talking with my sister and husband, we feel it's safer to go with a realtor.  
Would you please send me the lady's name that you were telling me about.
Thanks for all your help.  
We were so pleased with how the sale went.  
You and your crew did such a great job.
Name: Dave Milonski     Bridgeton estate sale
Date: 02/13/2014 10:04 AM
I am very appreciative of the services Victoria performed for us. Our estate sale required a great deal of prep & labor as we had tons of collectibles, knickknacks and all kinds of odds & ends. She and her crew did an amazing job with the difficult set-up and I felt the pricing was right on target. This work had to be done extra quickly because Victoria went out of her way to reschedule our sale due to my failing to move out on time. She was very accommodating. Also, she has built a great following of buyers. My neighbors said there were never less than 15 cars of shoppers for two straight days. Her fees were equal or lower than the other companies I interviewed. She kept every promise and claim she made to me. Last but not least, every time I interacted with her (which was a lot) she was always professional, pleasant and positive. I would definitely use her services again and I recommend her highly based on this experience.
Dave Milonski

Tue, May 6, 2014 at 10:09 PM  Bridgeton estate sale

Thanks!  For all your help.  We were so pleased that the hardwood floors were just as perfect after the sale as before.  You and your crew did a wonderful job.  My wife and I are very blessed to have met you. You did all and more of what you stated. 
Again, thank you and we will pass along your name and number to our friends.
On a different note - We picked up a bottle of the Cool Cheyenne (lowers blood pressure naturally) & so far have the most amazing results.  I'll show you the records - we think it can't be true but figures don't lie.  See you Thursday.

B Winkler  

 St. Charles Estate Sale
Text message July 21, 2014....
We are greatful for everything.
D. Elliott
Verbal thank you....July 13, 2014
Wow!  This is terrific!  We really appreciate all you and your crew has done for my
parents estate.  You're all so polite.  Thank you so much!
We will refer you to all our friends!
M. Elliott

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