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128 pages
Victoria Gray Unfolded is a compilation of designs created by the author, which were created for numerous historical fashion shows in Missouri & Illinois to date.

Within these pages are pictures and stories of hankies, linens, drapes, laces and trims that emerge into beautiful historic designs!

PLUS.....a free Camisole pattern!
Just $3.99!

You won't believe how a simple hankie began it all! 

A Week With Auntie-C                                                            

Is about consideration, which is something that's 
lacking in our youth today, thus this rendition of Auntie C.

Look for more Auntie C enriching stories encouraging today’s youth to lead a more cultured life.   

   $8.95   40 pages

Victoria Gray, via a dream, November 3rd, 1995, is transported back to the Victorian Era, to 1904 her name then Victoria Zane. Through this detailed dream, she meets Henry Ford seeing his first car and first plant learning, after research that the locations prove to be true too! The dream house also turns out to look just like Henry Ford's first home, of which she never knew existed!
Victoria journeys west with a group of Irish Immigrants, while traveling, all are trapped in a strange massacre. She escapes believing she's the only survivor, which draws her into a fifteen year mystery of `who done it' and what really happened? Victoria amasses a vast fortune as the mystery unfolds. Romance eludes her until one final breath-taking romance. Victoria becomes a pillar among women, enabling women to find a place among men.    234 pages
Paperback $14.95  Kindle $3.99

  • Victoria Zane is written in a way that will make you laugh, cry and bring to mind those enchanting warm fuzzy feelings. Upon its finish, I had the same warm feelings I received when I read The Bridges Of Madison County. Live Victoria Zane's life, you won't be able to put it down! K. F. St. Louis, MO

My Two Week Trip from HELL.....With four kids,UGH!!!!
Join the author on a 2-week trip, to Florida and the Bahamas with {4} kids.

Yes, that's what I said!

I braved the hills and dales, forded waterways and mountain tops between a comedy of endless bitter/sweetness's.
Every parent will surely envision past treks and laugh endlessly at my journey as a parent these two-weeks. And the funny thing about it all true!

Paperback, 167 Pages   Price: $9.95
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  • The Ankle Express is true Missouri History! Called such because my father William Victor Gray born October 29, 1921 traveled via his two feet, which he and his buddies called The Ankle Express. When they ran it was `the ankle express' to be sure! Of course he rode on horse-drawn buckboards or by means of one of his two horses named Bud and later Prince. Within these 385 pages actual humorous lifetime historical stories unfurl such as: 
  • The coons under the moon. 
  • Hogs and the humor that dear grandfather issued on that very special day. 
  • All about out-house hilarity. 
  • Preserving of foods. 
  • Skinny dipping at Forks Creek. 
  • A day in a farmers life. 
  • The Depression. 
  • The Navy years - 37 months in the Navy Armed Guard - aboard Merchant Marine ships. 
  •  Impending mutiny aboard the Algonquin, 
  •  Trinidad, 
  • Guantanamo Bay, 
  •  Hull England -the Blitz, 
  • Loch Ewe Bay - Scotland, 
  •  Papua New Guinea, 
  • V-day, 
  • Medal's won....and so much more.....Paperback, 385 Pages  
(1 Ratings)   Price: $20.00

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